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1000 Series

Discover GuideU

The best non-electrical system for illuminating your floor path.
Should your cabin lighting fail, GuideU uses photoluminescent
strips to guide passengers to the exits.

GuideU offers a multitude of colors

Choose your color

GuideU is available in a range of colors, so it blends smoothly into your existing cabin design. Your designers can get even more creative with our ColourCurve and CustomFit options.

standard curves are no problem for GuideU

Standard Curves

Enhance the visibility of your smooth lines without cutting any angles. GuideU standard curves are available in various radii and angles to suit different aisle layouts.

Custom curves

An interior designer's dream come true. Our ColourCurve technology follows the individual contours of your cabin, creating a truly unique and unmistakable look.

customized curves with GuideU reloaded
customized curves with GuideU
Carpet protection is included in GuideU

Optional carpet protectors

Avoid damaging your carpet through unnecessary wear and tear. GuideU includes optional carpet protectors, available in a wide range of colors.

GuideU custom-fit-section

Customize your strip

Our CustomFit technology makes the photoluminescent strip virtually invisible under normal light, by integrating directly with the design of your carpet. We can also develop new strip colors to match your logo and branding.


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